Friday, December 8, 2006

Taebin Returns-- Sort Of

Taebin [or Danny], member of the korean band, 1TYM, came to perform for the Korean Youth Festival [see left, I managed to get some photos] on December 6th. It was held at his hometown-- which is where I live. Tickets were ten dollars. Though the show 'started' at 6PM and ended at 10PM, it was more or less a talent show. I came at 8PM because of my schedule. Not to say it wasn't interesting but I wanted to see Taebin. According to annual returners to the show, Taebin comes often enough-- seeing as it's his hometown but many are uninterested except the ladies. I'm not sure how most shows go, but he sang two songs at 9:30PM and left. I felt bad for him because it didn't seem like he enjoyed being there catering to a small group of mostly 40 - 50 middle-school korean girls. He has star status, apparantly, and had a reputation to uphold. I guess I can understand that. He also seemed like he had a very quiet and shy personality despite his popularity. Nonetheless, I didn't get my money's worth and grabbed a free gift bag on the way out unsatisfied with the show.

They didn't even check my $10 ticket.

But I got to touch his hand -- yeah, I'm shallow.

The show was still pretty awkward since I saw a lot of the Korean people at my school-- and they knew I was a non-Korean immediately. Not surprisingly, my school forms cliques easily-- being a primarily Asian community. According to a Korean friend, l.l., Koreans have a Chinese/Japanese-Radar and he "[uses] it all the time." Which is frightening...

Danny, or Taebin, is currently working on a solo album or single. Called Taebin Vol. 2 that should be coming sometime in December 2006. 1TYM is still on hiatus due to Jinhwan's service in the military.

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