Friday, December 29, 2006

Bees, Flowers, and Maison Akira

I got a chance to play with my camera~

The images are kind of really big so... sorry! I thought I was gonna resize later so yeah. Maybe I will. Or not. Who knows?

Anyways, Flower Sex Close ups of Flowers and some berries:

I went to Maison Akira! It was a blast-- even though so little people went. I have to tell you, it was a quiet little restaurant but at the same time pretty formal. I really liked it! I loved how two different culinary styles were mixed together-- French and Japanese. Who would've thought? I kind of wanted to try Escargots but I knew I wouldn't have the mind set and the stomach to handle it. I think it's mostly psychological.

I ordered Grilled Beef Rib Eye. It was good. But I kind of regret it because most reviewers say that he is more skilled with fish than he is with meats. My favorite part of [my brother's] dish was the Wasabi Potato Mousseline. I thought that that was so creative. It tasted like potatoes with a hint of wasabi-- not spicy at all. We had two creme brulees. Kinda sweet for me-- I'm not a big fan of sweets but they were good. One was a Lavender Infused one and the other one was just good old fashioned chocolate. Maison Akira was really good but it had it's faults too. I'd give it 2.5 stars out of 4.

After the Rain::
It started to pour while we were eating. Looking out when it ended gave a really brisk clean feel. While stepping out, everything seemed to be washed away and fresh.

Soon after, the wind decided to blow-- biting our noses, whirling around our bodies.
It was cold.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry [Late] Christmas!

Christmas Party was crazy. My Polaroid picture got messed up, it looks like the tree's on fire--["I'm so hot, the tree caught on fire"] Tomorrow, Culinary Club is heading out to Old Town Pasadena... but, it's officers only + Jonathan now. This club sucks! And it's the truth-- I wish people would check their emails.

Recently, I've gotten addicted to probably the most retarded game in the world. But they make it so cute and competitive that it's fun. It's pretty much the same as the downloadable BeJeweled for your cell phone. presents, Switcheroo. Saying that made me feel pretty retarded...

I did some watercolor paintings the day Winter Break started. It was nice to know I had some more time. But I still have to finish my Art Mosaic we're doing for the Color Lesson-- it's gonna take me forever because I made it too intricate.

I made somethin
g for Christmas-- a couple+mistletoe! Too bad no one used the mistletoe at the Christmas Party. Secondly, is a random girl in a different style that I normally would use. I'm trying to deviate more from that anime-ish style-- I usually find my style a mix between that and a more cartoon style. I like it anyways. Lastly, I've been working on this for a while...I decided to use colorpencils [I got the 120 Prismacolor Premier Set for a Christmas Present so I couldn't resist...] instead of watercolor. I'm thinking of using different mediums anyways [I photocopied like 3]. I want to get a scanner so I can work on solid colors and see how it looks. The problem with the last one is that his arm is way too long and awkward looking-- at least to me.

Anyways, Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you've all had an enjoyable holiday! And people, let's not party too hard! Enjoy Winter Break no matter how short it is-- I am at least!

::Christmas Party 2006::
[You can kinda see me in the picture >D]

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blogs! that I had to hint.

Clio Chiang and Jen Wang are my freaking heroes. [k and it's true :D] They are probably one of my all time favorite artists. Jen Wang stuff is in my art journal. I want to go see her at her upcoming Monster Sex show at the Amber Lounge in San Francisco. Unfortunately, it's on a weekday [12/14--tommorow!] and I live [only] 5 hours away. Only...

Hint Hint~ I want Jen Wang stuff [which is coming back in print January]. And guess what January is! My Birthday!

Also, I love newly discovered blogger, Beth and her views on her Third-Grade Teacher. Made me have a giggle fit. But I feel bad...I just kind of found out on my own. :

"How did I find out about Santa? My third grade teacher asked those of us who believed in Santa to raise our hands. Four of us did. She then told us we were old enough to know the truth and spilled the evil beans. Broke my heart. Coal-hearted b*tch."

Anyways, I've started on something new but I'm still working on that scarfy girl-- Just lack of time...
They are supposed to be from seperate images...[but they don't have to ♥ jk ] But compare the hair and eyes. I couldn't decide so I just made both.

Monday, December 11, 2006

[Oldschool] Photos


.::Lazy Days::.

Sorry guys, I've been dead on my actual art progresses on my digital art work... but, as you can see, I love taking photos of my dog. The first image was old-school photos from Halloween, 2006 that I dug up. Oh, those sophomores. I'll try to post something by this Friday or Saturday.

I wore this on Halloween since there is not other time to wear it. It was a waste of money. But my grandma likes it when I wear clothes like when she was little. I think she's a cute lady. She really likes my mother because she is the youngest daughter in the family. That's probably why I got Fumiko as my Japanese name. In Chinese, my name is Nai-Shing. We always mix Japanese and Chinese culture because my grandma married a China-man. :) so cute.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Taebin Returns-- Sort Of

Taebin [or Danny], member of the korean band, 1TYM, came to perform for the Korean Youth Festival [see left, I managed to get some photos] on December 6th. It was held at his hometown-- which is where I live. Tickets were ten dollars. Though the show 'started' at 6PM and ended at 10PM, it was more or less a talent show. I came at 8PM because of my schedule. Not to say it wasn't interesting but I wanted to see Taebin. According to annual returners to the show, Taebin comes often enough-- seeing as it's his hometown but many are uninterested except the ladies. I'm not sure how most shows go, but he sang two songs at 9:30PM and left. I felt bad for him because it didn't seem like he enjoyed being there catering to a small group of mostly 40 - 50 middle-school korean girls. He has star status, apparantly, and had a reputation to uphold. I guess I can understand that. He also seemed like he had a very quiet and shy personality despite his popularity. Nonetheless, I didn't get my money's worth and grabbed a free gift bag on the way out unsatisfied with the show.

They didn't even check my $10 ticket.

But I got to touch his hand -- yeah, I'm shallow.

The show was still pretty awkward since I saw a lot of the Korean people at my school-- and they knew I was a non-Korean immediately. Not surprisingly, my school forms cliques easily-- being a primarily Asian community. According to a Korean friend, l.l., Koreans have a Chinese/Japanese-Radar and he "[uses] it all the time." Which is frightening...

Danny, or Taebin, is currently working on a solo album or single. Called Taebin Vol. 2 that should be coming sometime in December 2006. 1TYM is still on hiatus due to Jinhwan's service in the military.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rice and Noodles

I found riceandnoodles-- a food blog by mae. It's just spectacular. The food [and photography] is great. A lot of her recipes are oriental-- from Filipino to Chinese-- and are usually self-invented and experimented with. But the result is always the same: good food and good art. A second hobby [and perhaps future job?] is cooking and the culinary experience.

I really love her recipe for Oriental Chicken Sausage Rolls.

Shopping on Black Friday

I was walking through the mall when a lady shoved past me carrying a ton of bags. It's likely she spent over $300 on holiday shopping. She looked back with a snobbish look on her face as if I was the one who was in her way. Well, the first thing that popped into my head was instinctively something on the lines of, "Christ!"

People can be a little rude around the holidays-- especially when there is literally a month to go until Christmas. Well, that's what you get for shopping on Black Friday...

Anyways, progress on the picture that I've totally been putting off. It's also my first work on the computer for over a year...

Alameda St, Downtown LA
[picture is slightly crooked...]

Friday, November 24, 2006

It's been hectic, but I've gotten tired of everyone using xanga and myspace... I mean they "are so overrated." I hate to be generic, but they are. So, here I am at blogger.


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