Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry [Late] Christmas!

Christmas Party was crazy. My Polaroid picture got messed up, it looks like the tree's on fire--["I'm so hot, the tree caught on fire"] Tomorrow, Culinary Club is heading out to Old Town Pasadena... but, it's officers only + Jonathan now. This club sucks! And it's the truth-- I wish people would check their emails.

Recently, I've gotten addicted to probably the most retarded game in the world. But they make it so cute and competitive that it's fun. It's pretty much the same as the downloadable BeJeweled for your cell phone. Ijji.com presents, Switcheroo. Saying that made me feel pretty retarded...

I did some watercolor paintings the day Winter Break started. It was nice to know I had some more time. But I still have to finish my Art Mosaic we're doing for the Color Lesson-- it's gonna take me forever because I made it too intricate.

I made somethin
g for Christmas-- a couple+mistletoe! Too bad no one used the mistletoe at the Christmas Party. Secondly, is a random girl in a different style that I normally would use. I'm trying to deviate more from that anime-ish style-- I usually find my style a mix between that and a more cartoon style. I like it anyways. Lastly, I've been working on this for a while...I decided to use colorpencils [I got the 120 Prismacolor Premier Set for a Christmas Present so I couldn't resist...] instead of watercolor. I'm thinking of using different mediums anyways [I photocopied like 3]. I want to get a scanner so I can work on solid colors and see how it looks. The problem with the last one is that his arm is way too long and awkward looking-- at least to me.

Anyways, Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you've all had an enjoyable holiday! And people, let's not party too hard! Enjoy Winter Break no matter how short it is-- I am at least!

::Christmas Party 2006::
[You can kinda see me in the picture >D]

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