Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blogs! that I had to hint.

Clio Chiang and Jen Wang are my freaking heroes. [k and it's true :D] They are probably one of my all time favorite artists. Jen Wang stuff is in my art journal. I want to go see her at her upcoming Monster Sex show at the Amber Lounge in San Francisco. Unfortunately, it's on a weekday [12/14--tommorow!] and I live [only] 5 hours away. Only...

Hint Hint~ I want Jen Wang stuff [which is coming back in print January]. And guess what January is! My Birthday!

Also, I love newly discovered blogger, Beth and her views on her Third-Grade Teacher. Made me have a giggle fit. But I feel bad...I just kind of found out on my own. :

"How did I find out about Santa? My third grade teacher asked those of us who believed in Santa to raise our hands. Four of us did. She then told us we were old enough to know the truth and spilled the evil beans. Broke my heart. Coal-hearted b*tch."

Anyways, I've started on something new but I'm still working on that scarfy girl-- Just lack of time...
They are supposed to be from seperate images...[but they don't have to ♥ jk ] But compare the hair and eyes. I couldn't decide so I just made both.

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