Monday, December 11, 2006

[Oldschool] Photos


.::Lazy Days::.

Sorry guys, I've been dead on my actual art progresses on my digital art work... but, as you can see, I love taking photos of my dog. The first image was old-school photos from Halloween, 2006 that I dug up. Oh, those sophomores. I'll try to post something by this Friday or Saturday.

I wore this on Halloween since there is not other time to wear it. It was a waste of money. But my grandma likes it when I wear clothes like when she was little. I think she's a cute lady. She really likes my mother because she is the youngest daughter in the family. That's probably why I got Fumiko as my Japanese name. In Chinese, my name is Nai-Shing. We always mix Japanese and Chinese culture because my grandma married a China-man. :) so cute.

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