Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, I just want to say, Happy New Year, everyone! Even though this is only my 10th post, it's still a new start and a new year! I hope you've all made some resolutions [to break...or keep]. A few to start for me is to stop procrastinating which coincides with sleep earlier [before 3]. Honostly, it's the last week of Winter Break and I'm not done with over 75% of my homework! Go me! I might add photos later-- I'm not on my own laptop.

1. Stay Healthy.
2. Stop Procrastinating.
3. Sleep Earlier.
4. Continue Self-Study of Japanese.
5. Finish all Art Projects.


Beth said...

Skip the "Sleep earlier" and you'll get those art projects done!

Karen said...

Haha, thanks Beth! I'll keep that in mind.

Harvey said...

Good luck with your self study of Japanese!

GANBATTE! (written, がんばって! with a small "tsu"!)

Zucchini said...

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