Sunday, January 7, 2007

Visit to The Nucleus | Art Gallery and Store

Passing Ships
Copyright Kazu Kibuishi

I went to the Nucleus today! I think Alhambra is kinda ghetto-- but since I live only about half an hour away, I decided to go to the Nucleus to check out the Imaginary Spaces exhibition [it was the second to last day]... I originally went to check out Kazu Kibuishi's Passing Ships print in the flesh-- but I ended up discovering a lot of other artists too such as Jon Han and Israel Sanchez. Nonetheless, I can honestly say, it's a lot better to see everything there than online. Kibuishi is kind of like the coordinator of Flight comics-- which I own two books only. Sorry! But, really, he's like a master-- all of his work impresses me.

I even went through the trouble of wasting money on buying one of the Passing Ships prints. $35!--Nonetheless, as a fan, I'm really happy.

Overall, even though the Nucleus a really small place-- it has a lot of exclusive art books and prints as well as a little art gallery that's filled with treasure-- go check out the newest exhibition starting January 13th called Dig Me Out. Featuring artists like Chitose Yagi, Kazuko Taniguchi and Teriyaki Tagashira.

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Jon Han said...

Thanks for the compliement... I'm glad you liked my work, hope to meet you at a future show.